When Carl Werthenbach took over the representation of Nüral-Kolben and started his self-employment in 1932 – in difficult economic  times – he had never dreamt of the development
his  one-man business would take the following decades.



1932lCompany foundation in Bielefeld in May 1932

1945lMove into new offices in Bielefeld, Kesselbrink

1957lMove into new premises in Bielefeld

1962lIntegration of industrial hydraulics into the product portfolio

1973lMove of the hydraulics department to Bielefeld-Jöllenbeck

1974lBranch opening in Hannover-Langenhagen

1977lMove of the hydraulics unit into own premises in Bielefeld-Brake

1977lNew hydraulics branch in Hannover-Langenhagen

1977lBranch opening in Braunschweig

1983lBranch opening and move into new premises in Northeim

1989lBranch opening in Celle

1991lMove of central administration and industrial engineering into new premises in Bielefeld-Brake

1992lBranch opening in Lippstadt

1993lBranch opening in Magdeburg

1994lBranch opening in Münster

1997lMove of the Automotive Parts unit into the new premises in Bielefeld

1998lBranch opening in Kassel

2000lMove of Kassel branch into new premises

2001lOpening of the Lower Saxony Head Office in new premises in Hannover-Langenhagen

2004lMove of Braunschweig branch into new premises

2004lBranch opening in Hamburg

2006lMove of Magdeburg branch into new premises

2007l75-year Werthenbach Jubilee

2008lExpansion of the industrial engineering unit and administration in Bielefeld-Brake

2010lFoundation of Werthenbach Aerospace

2011lBranch opening in Rheine

2012lMove of Lippstadt branch into new premises

2014lMove of Celle branch into new premises

2015lSales office opening for industrial engineering and hydraulics in Hilden