Step by step to achieve the best possible solution

Our experienced team supervises each stage of the project until completion. We always focus on the question: What is the best solution, in economic and technical terms, for our customer?

Our units are installed, commissioned, maintained and repaired throughout the world. Werthenbach is well positioned and forward-thinking in this area.


Complete solutions from one source:

1. Calculation, project planning and design

  • Calculation, project planning and design to meet the
    customer‘s specific requirements
  • Preparation of a circuit diagram to present the solution
  • Selection of the technically required components
  • Preparation of quotations

2. Design and preparation of drawings

  • Preparation of the customer‘s configuration and
    manufacturing drawings in 2D or 3D

3. Tank and steel construction

  • Manufacture of steel or stainless steel tanks as well as
    all attachments and structures required for the system

4. Paintwork and preservation

  • Anti-corrosion coatings and finishing coats of the units
    according to the customer‘s colour specifications

5. Installation

  • Installation of the components and their pipework and
    hose interconnections

6. Electrical control system

  • Design and manufacture of individual PLC or electrical
    control systems as well as wiring of the electrical com-
    ponents to terminal blocks

7. Functional testing

  • Final testing of the unit and system function as well as
    hydraulic pressure test and leak test