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When we go travelling,

we can tell stories...

There are also many things, which Andreas Richert can tell. He travelled to the Apaika oil field in Ecuador, in August. The reason for the travel was an aggregate manufactured by Werthenbach Hydraulic that is used together with a feed pump of our client Bornemann in the oil field.

The travel turned into an unforgettable experience, as it is shown in the following travel report: The alarm clock started ringing on the departure day, on August 4th 2015, in the middle of the night. Because already at 6 o’clock, my plane should take off to fly from Hannover to Amsterdam. The plane waited on the airport Schiphol. It transported us safely to Quito in a flight time of about 15 hours.

I have been well and truly jet lagged (time difference: minus 7 hours). After time-consuming entry formalities and a taxi ride of 1 hour, we arrived finally at the hotel at 18 o’clock local time. Quito is situated 22 kilometres further south than the equator. At 19 o’clock it is already pitch-dark here. This is the reason why I cannot more use this night to take a look at the world’s highest capital city.

The next morning, it should go on in the early hours of the day, by plane once more again. The destination: Coca, a provincial capital in the East of Ecuador. After having to stop the start of the flight in Quito because of a storm in Coca, we had to wait in the plane for 1,5 hours. It was a flight like in a roller coaster.

Quito is situated 3000 m above sea level. Nevertheless, our destination Coca is situated only 240m above sea level so that the plane, to be able to fly over the Andes, reached the level of 6000m making an ascent and changed directly the altitude making a descent. The passengers having weak nerves or weak stomachs were put to a true test. I was also happy to stand on firm ground after that.

Nevertheless, we were nowhere near arrived at the destination of our travel. We were transported by a small boat over the river Rio Napo to the principal camp Ciruisla. The jungle around us with the many strange plants and noises was very impressive so that the 3 hours boat trip passed like a flight.

After the safety check and the room assignment in Ciruisla, it was already 18 o‘clock and an eventful day ended up. Who thinks now that we arrived at our destination, is wrong! On the following day, on August 6th, we had breakfast early in the morning, to begin the last stage of the journey to the Apaika oil field finally.

The continuation of the journey was only possible by general-purpose vehicle because of the worse „Streets“. Finally, we arrived at the Apaika oil field after a 2-hour journey. During this journey, we had also to cross a river, the Rio Tiputini, by a small ferry, which demonstrated low confidence.

We have been very kindly welcomed. We immediately began the fault diagnosis of the aggregate. During the following 4 days, we found out that programming and operating errors during commissioning of the aggregate caused contaminations and a high water content. After having completed the repair, we could enter the journey home on August 10th.

There were always impressive moments during our stay. The Apaika oil field is situated amongst a nature reserve, where the rangers endeavour to bring home the animal species, which have been expelled because of the drastic changes in the nature. This succeeds gradually, and it was possible to have a close and unaffected contact with the extraordinary nature.

We returned to Germany on the same way as it happened on the departure. Finally, we landed in Hannover, on …. again.