Comprehensive Service for Industrial Parts and Hydraulics

We are all familiar with this problem

An aggregate of the machine fails prematurely. The production comes to a standstill.

We focus on the question: Are the necessary personnel and the appropriate tools available to quickly repair the unit?

The incurred costs of the loss in the production continue to exist and there is an increasing pressure to repair the machine. Furthermore, the appropriate spare parts need to be acquired.

We have made it our mission to avoid this situation together with you in the future.

Our objective is to develop a tailor-made maintenance concept – in accordance with your requirements and expectations and to render maintenance assistance.

Apart from the special products, we offer you the necessary services, thanks to the high level of professional expertise of our employees and the close cooperation with the market-leading manufacturers.

Service from A to Z

  • Aggregate and control
  • Assembly service
  • Filtration technology
  • Fluid service
  • Inspection and expertise
  • Components
  • Laser alignment
  • Pipe and hose lines and connections
  • Assembly service
  • Repairs
  • Hose pipe service
  • Lubrication service
  • Accumulator inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Tool hire
  • Condition monitoring



How to contact our Service team:

Phone: +49 521 9768-687