Technical consultation

Our engineers and technicians layout drives and machine elements using the latest calculation programs. Our objective is to realise the best possible solution from the economic standpoint.


Motive Power Engineering

  • Carry out a drive calculation
  • Sample specification
  • Technical expertise in case of failure


Sealing technology

  • Sample specification
  • Recode terms used by other persons


Linear technology

  • Sample specification
  • Technical expertise in case of failure


Project work

  • Modification, new mechanical design and layout of drive and transport units
  • Construction of machine parts using CAD programs (2D and 3D)
  • Pick-up of parts and creation of production parts
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies for the customers
  • Layout of lubrication systems, e. g. progressive distribution System


Roller bearing technology

  • Carry out an Expertise of bearing damage
  • Carry out bearing calculation
  • Measure of the concentricity of tapered roller bearings 


How to contact our Technical Consultation team:

Phone: +49 521 9768-0